Sunday, December 23, 2012


 DINO:  Very attached to human, follows closely to people while we are picking up poo and gardening, good appetite, plays and rough house with Charlie, drinking water, vocal  Award:  2nd place food finisher

Charlie:  Energetic, lively, listens to commands, although the smallest of the bunch most eager to eat and must be separated at meal times, rough houses with Dino, they see who sticks each others noses into one another and sees who gets annoyed first, doesn't like to be separated from pal Cookie.  Award:  First Place Meal Finisher

PAI-PAI:  Mellow and easy going, as the senior citizen of the group, he gets to go outside first so there's no bumping (he doesn't like crowds), understands when it is time to go out and when it's time to come back inside.  We didn't think it was possible to out to a beagle but Pai-Pai investigates and smells the the yard for 30 minutes and does it again and again.  Award:  Keeps busy smelling the grass and all the corners of yard.

COOKIE:  The largest of the group and normally gives everyone their space, doesn't like when separated from pal CHARLIE, very polite at meal time...easily distracted so she prefers to eat in your private pen, vocal, is becoming more friendly with humans and has refrained from running into the house and playing in the off-limits living room, opening up to the other dogs.  Award:  Least likely to jump up onto humans. 

EVERYONE:  Learning that escaping into the house leads no where, beginning to follow everyone else outside and back in.  Routine is becoming fun and anticipating going outside is enticing.

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